Are you an Atlanta-area attorney who likes to sing? Dance? Act? Whether you’re a triple threat who can do it all, or just someone who loves live theater and wants to make new friends and have some fun, come on out to Bard Show auditions and rest assured there’s a place for you in the show. The only requirement is that you be a lawyer (which, candidly, is rather infrequently a prerequisite at musical theater auditions).

Basic Guidelines for Auditions:
(1) Everyone should be prepared to sing a sample from either X, Y, or Z, as well as to demonstrate their vocal range;
(2) If you are interested in being considered for a more prominent singing role, come prepared to sing for 30-60 seconds to an instrumental track of your choosing (we will have a Bluetooth speaker to play your MP3 or YouTube audio; no acapella singing);
(3) Everyone will learn a short dance routine, so come dressed in something comfortable that you can move in.

Rehearsals will start after Labor Day, Mondays through Thursdays, and continuing there until Halloween. Cast members will only need to attend rehearsals on nights when their scenes or songs are being worked, so at auditions, please be prepared to provide your conflicts as best you can so that we can schedule rehearsals to accommodate everyone.